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GDA document library page

Throughout GDA, Hitachi-GE made extensive submission to the regulators. In line with the guidance underpinning the assessment, major submissions were published via this website.

Below are links to our key regulatory submission, which reflect the culmination of the process: the Generic Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR), and Generic Environmental permit (GEP).

We also publish links to a disposability assessment from the Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD) of the NDA.

In parallel, the regulators publish extensive documentation explaining their assessment, their conclusions, and their decisions and have joint web pages further explaining their role and the assessment.

In line with UK regulation, sensitive nuclear information and information restricted under export control legislation has been removed from these publications, as has commercially sensitive content.

Final GDA Submissions

Published materials, 14th December 2017

Pre-Construction Safety report (PCSR)

Generic Environmental Permit (GEP)

Additional Relevant Documents